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12 12, 2013


From its inception, LASIK has been one of the safest and most dependable surgeries in all of medicine. Over time, advancements in technology and techniques have made it possible to achieve superior outcomes with minimal risk of undesirable side effects.

Of course, this does not mean that LASIK is a risk-free procedure. Indeed, every surgery – laser eye surgery and otherwise – carries with it some degree of risk. During consultations with Dr. Chen at his office in San Diego, LASIK risks...Read More

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21 10, 2013

LASIK Prices and Payment Options

When it comes to vision impairment, there is no treatment that is more convenient or effective than LASIK. At our Carlsbad laser eye surgery center, we see patients on a daily basis who want to know if LASIK surgery is right for them. Once a patient is established as a good candidate for LASIK the question that is usually asked next is what are the LASIK costs? followed by, will they fit into my budget? LASIK surgery involves advanced technology and expertise from eye surgeons and this is reflected in the...Read More

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18 09, 2013

Vision in High Definition with Free-form Custom Glasses Lenses

What if achieving 20/20 vision simply isn’t good enough? With traditional progressive lenses, a patient can easily achieve 20/20 vision, but still experience glare, blurring, starburst effects, ghost images, or halos. Traditional progressive lenses are not designed for the unique needs of the individual patient, but instead designed to fit a few average prescription powers. As a result of this, many wearers of traditional progressive lenses experience issues with clarity, vibrancy, and glare. All of...Read More

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27 08, 2013

Bifocals and Progressive Glasses

Waking up one day and finding it difficult to see clearly at reading distances even when wearing proper single vision distance glasses or contact lenses can be quite frustrating, even alarming. It may not seem possible to have your vision change so suddenly, but it is a common occurrence for many men and women over the age of 40.


Are you over the age of 40 and suddenly finding it difficult to see the words on a menu, on the computer screen, or in your favorite book? Unfortunately, this is...Read More

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16 07, 2013

Types of Contact Lenses

The first step in determining the type of contact lens most suitable to your unique eye needs is by undergoing a custom fitting. At our laser eye surgery center in Carlsbad, North County Laser Eye Associates, a custom fitting for contact lenses involves measuring the eyes surface and curvature. The information obtained from these measurements will be used to determine the correct lens size for your eyes. The corneas will also be assessed to ensure that there are not any factors that would make wearing...Read More

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21 06, 2013

The Many Options Available with Optometric Glasses

Whether you are a child, teenager, adult, or even a senior when you first start wearing glasses, the experience can be frustrating. Requiring the help of visual aids in order to see clearly is not ideal. Fortunately, there is an ever increasing range of frame styles and lens options available today to help you clearly see the world around you and to help you look your very best. At the laser eye surgery center located in Carlsbad, North County Laser Eye Associates, there is a wide selection of optometric...Read More

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16 05, 2013

What Is Entropion and Ectropion?

For patients affected by eyelids that turn outward or inward, entropion or ectropion eyelid surgery may be recommended to correct the condition. At the Carlsbad laser eye surgery center of Dr. Paul Chen, North County Laser Eye Associates, eyelid surgery can be performed to address entropion and ectropion, as well as other eyelid issues.

What Is Entropion?

Entropion is a condition affecting the eyelid. In entropion, the eyelid turns inward so that the eyelashes and skin rub against the eye surface....Read More

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16 04, 2013

Recognizing and Treating Diabetic Retinopathy

Patients who suffer from diabetes are vulnerable to conditions throughout the body, including diabetic eye disease. Diabetic eye disease may result in cataracts or glaucoma. However, the most common form of diabetic eye disease is diabetic retinopathy. It is extremely important for patients with diabetes to maintain a regular routine of yearly eye exams, as this condition can lead to blurred vision and even blindness. At Dr. Paul H. Chen’s Carlsbad practice, North County Laser Eye Associates, we are...Read More

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16 03, 2013

Treating Allergic Conjunctivitis

At North County Laser Eye Associates, Dr. Paul H. Chen is known for offering his patients in Carlsbad laser eye surgery to correct vision impairment. While Dr. Chen is an expert in the field of LASIK eye surgery, he also provides his patients with routine eye care and exams so those patients can stay on top of their eye health and any problems can be detected before they advance to more serious conditions. One of the many conditions that Dr. Chen can diagnose and treat for his Carlsbad patients is allergic...Read More

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16 02, 2013

Treatment for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes occur when the body’s natural tears are unable to sufficiently lubricate and moisturize the eyes. Tears provide moisture and lubrication to the eyes, helping to maintain clear vision. Tears are comprised of water, oils, mucus, antibodies, and proteins:

Water: The water contained within tears provide moisture to the eyes Oils: The oils within tears provide lubrication for the eyes Mucus: The mucus within tears help coat the eyes Antibodies and proteins: Antibodies and proteins within...Read More
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