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Crystalens®, ReSTOR®, ReZoom™, TECNIS/MF™, and TECNIS Symfony® IOLs at Our San Diego-area Practice

Cataracts can cause serious visual difficulties. A cataract involves the progressive clouding of the eye’s crystalline lens. This clouding blocks the passage of light and, when left untreated, can lead to blindness. Thankfully, through the implantation of modern intraocular lenses (IOLs), cataract patients can replace affected lenses and improve their visual abilities. At our Carlsbad practice serving all of San Diego County and beyond, Crystalens®, ReSTOR®, ReZoom™, TECNIS/MF™, and TECNIS Symfony® IOLs are available to cataract sufferers. With these lenses, many people experience vision at a level unfamiliar to them since young adulthood. In addition, new accommodating, multifocal, and extended depth-of-focus IOLs provide an effective alternative to traditional monofocal IOLs for some patients. While monofocal IOLs restore focusing abilities and a single range of vision without glasses, multifocal IOLs restore unassisted focusing abilities at distances from near to far. Each of our IOLs is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If you would like to learn more about IOLs, or the eye care professionals at our San Diego-area practice, contact North County Laser Eye Associates.


The Crystalens® IOL bends and flexes just like the natural lens of the eye. It is provided at our San Diego areas practice to treat both cataracts and presbyopia. The ability to bend and flex provides the Crystalens® patient with accommodation abilities; that is, the ability of the eye to accommodate to changing focusing needs and see at distances from near to far. In a healthy eye, ciliary muscles successfully bend and flex the surface structures of the eye, changing its curvature and providing dynamic focusing abilities. As we age, however, the lens of the eye can become more rigid as a result of a condition known as presbyopia. This condition, which typically occurs in a person’s late 40s, can dramatically reduce focusing abilities. Crystalens® IOLs at our Carlsbad practice serving San Diego and other areas treat both cataracts and presbyopia by replacing the eye’s faulty natural lens.

ReSTOR® IOLs by AcrySof® at Our San Diego Area Practice

AcrySof® ReSTOR® is a deluxe intraocular lens provided at our San Diego-area practice located in Carlsbad. ReSTOR® IOLs provide both a correction for cataract-affected vision and reduced or eliminated dependence on prescription glasses and contact lenses. This multifocal IOL uses a unique design that has long been used in other optical devices, including telescopes and microscopes. The ReSTOR® IOL uses a series of tiered steps to provide focusing ability at a range of distances. The outer edge reflects light to provide focusing ability for distant objects, while the inner portion of the lens does so for near objects. ReSTOR® IOLs have been a great benefit to many patients at our Carlsbad practice serving San Diego and other areas.


ReZoom™ is an advanced cataract and presbyopia correcting IOL provided at our San Diego-area practice located in Carlsbad. ReZoom™ IOLs can provide exceptional vision correction for patients who are hyperopic, or farsighted. The lens is designed with multifocal technology. This technology provides a greater spectrum of vision than is experienced with monofocal IOLs, and reduces or eliminates the need for glasses after the procedure. ReZoom™ also provides quality vision in a variety of lighting conditions, making driving at night and other tasks safer and easier.

Simply put, ReZoom™ IOLs at our Carlsbad practice serving San Diego and other areas help our patients achieve crisp, clear vision. If you have cataracts or presbyopia and would also like to improve focusing abilities as part of your treatment, the ReZoom™ premium lens implant may be for you. Of course, our staff will help you make the appropriate treatment choices.


With TECNIS/MF™ multifocal IOLs at our San Diego-area practice, our patients can treat cataracts while at the same time achieving greatly enhanced color saturation and night vision abilities. During the development of the TECNIS/MF™ IOL, precise optical measurements where taken of a representative population sample. Stemming from this data and subsequent research is the ability of the TECNIS/MF™ IOL to correct for spherical aberrations in the cornea. TECNIS/MF™ multifocal IOLs also correct for presbyopia, an age-related condition that diminishes near focusing ability.

TECNIS Symfony®

The TECNIS Symfony® was the first IOL with an extended depth-of-focus to be FDA-approved. This means that it offers patients good visual acuity over a continuous range of distances. Unlike a multifocal lens, which has several distinct focal points, the Symfony® offers a continuous range, including near, intermediate, and far distances. This allows it to correct for presbyopia, so that many patients no longer require reading glasses. In studies, 85% of patients who received this lens reported wearing glasses seldom or not at all. In addition, the advanced engineering of this lens has significantly reduced the incidence of problems with glare and halos, so patients can see better in low lighting conditions and visual contrast is enhanced. For patients with astigmatism, there is also a toric version of the Symfony® available, which offers astigmatism correction along with the other benefits of this lens.

Learn More about Crystalens®, ReSTOR®, ReZoom™, TECNIS/MF™, and TECNIS Symfony® IOLs at our San Diego-area Practice

If you suffer from cataracts or presbyopia, our eye care professionals can help you restore your vision. We are proud to provide Crystalens®, ReSTOR®, ReZoom™, and TECNIS/MF™ IOLs at our San Diego-area practice located in Carlsbad. To see if any of these treatments are right for you, contact North County Laser Eye Associates.

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