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10 03, 2016

People who suffer from vision impairment know that, without treatment, the everyday quality of life can be greatly hindered by blurry and unfocused vision. For those who suffer from presbyopia, a condition in which the eyes can only properly focus on objects that are at a distance, daily tasks such as reading and working at a computer are difficult without the use of prescription lenses or other vision treatment, such as LASIK, which addresses vision impairment by reshaping the cornea. At North County Laser Eye Associates, our eye doctors want to help patients improve their quality of life and restore their ability to perform daily functions. We offer an extensive range of treatments to our San Diego, CA patients so that they can feel confident knowing that they will be able to enjoy crisp, clear vision whether focusing on objects near or far.

Prescription Lenses

214310587Many patients are looking for a more long-term solution for presbyopia. However, as vision care moves toward laser treatment, we understand that there are still many patients who prefer to correct their vision through the use of prescription lenses. Additionally, there are those who wish to undergo laser treatment, but who are not good candidates. In either case, we offer eyeglasses and contact lenses so that these patients can benefit from sharper vision without undergoing laser treatment. Our eye doctors will closely monitor a patient’s vision through regular eye exams to ensure that prescription needs are met and patients are receiving the comfort and effectiveness that they deserve from their prescription lenses.


Since LASIK was first introduced, it has continually grown in popularity. LASIK is a laser surgery procedure that allows patients to reduce or eliminate their use of prescription lenses without compromising clear vision. Our laser eye surgeons make a small incision to create a flap on the surface of the cornea, fold back this flap, and then use a powerful excimer laser to reshape the inner layers of the cornea in order to improve its shape and allow the eye to focus images properly.

Advanced Surface Ablation

Advanced Surface Ablation, or ASA, is another laser surgery procedure that improves the shape of the cornea in order to address impairment such as presbyopia. While many people wish to undergo LASIK surgery in order to free themselves from prescription lenses, not every patient is an ideal candidate for LASIK treatment. Because LASIK requires the creation of a corneal flap, it is not a suitable option for those with thin corneas. Fortunately, ASA still offers those patients an opportunity to reduce their need for glasses and contact lenses. During ASA treatment, the top layer of the cornea is removed and an excimer laser is used to reshape the cornea. Recovery from ASA is slightly longer than with LASIK, but results are similar.

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Whether you are looking to treat presbyopia with a stylish pair of glasses, a discreet and well-fitted set of contact lenses, or long-lasting laser eye surgery, the eye doctors at North County Laser Eye Associates have got you covered. Contact us at your earliest convenienceto learn more about our comprehensive range of eye care services.

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