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21 10, 2013

107157872-xsWhen it comes to vision impairment, there is no treatment that is more convenient or effective than LASIK. At our Carlsbad laser eye surgery center, we see patients on a daily basis who want to know if LASIK surgery is right for them. Once a patient is established as a good candidate for LASIK the question that is usually asked next is what are the LASIK costs? followed by, will they fit into my budget? LASIK surgery involves advanced technology and expertise from eye surgeons and this is reflected in the price. In fact, patients should be cautious when they see budget pricing advertised for LASIK. However, despite the cost of LASIK, there are many payment options available that make this procedure an affordable option for most patients. In the end, patients may actually save money since they no longer have the continual expenses of upkeep and maintenance for glasses and contact lenses.


Without a consultation at North County Laser Eye Associates it is not possible to give an exact quote as to the cost of LASIK. LASIK is a surgical procedure with many variables, each of which will affect the cost of the procedure. Some factors that help determine the cost of LASIK include:

  • Experience of the laser eye surgeon
  • The LASIK technique that will be used for surgery (we offer traditional LASIK as well as customized Wavefront LASIK)
  • The extent of correction that is required to achieve desirable vision

When receiving a personalized quote for LASIK it is also important to understand that the cost of LASIK is quoted per eye. While most procedures will involve the correction of both eyes in a single visit, there will be a charge for each eye. The best way to get an accurate estimate for the cost of LASIK is to schedule a consultation with one of our laser eye surgeons.

Payment Options

LASIK is considered an elective procedure and is not likely to qualify for coverage by insurance. However, the good news is that there are a variety of payment options available that can make it easier to cover the cost of LASIK. Some popular payment options include:

  • Personal financing:Some patients opt to cover the expenses of LASIK by applying for personal loans or by charging the expense to a personal credit card. As with any personal loan or credit card, it is important to understand that interest rates and any additional fees will affect the final cost of LASIK.
  • Medical financing:There are many companies that offer loans and credit cards that are available specifically for covering medical expenses such as LASIK. These lines of credit have very similar terms to personal loans and credit cards but typically offer slightly lower interest rates.
  • Flex spending accounts:Flex spending accounts, or FSAs, are offered by some employers and allow patients to set aside a portion of income (pre-tax) in order to cover medical expenses. This is a good option for patients who wish to avoid the additional cost of interest and other fees.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have dreamed about improving your vision through LASIK surgery, schedule a consultation with one of the experienced laser eye surgeons at North County Laser Eye Associates. We can make that dream a reality and we can help you do it without making your budget suffer. We look forward to meeting you!

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