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LASIK vs. Contact Lenses – Factors to Consider

If you have blurry vision, you may wear contact lenses to give you the clear vision you need to safely and comfortably complete daily tasks, such as reading and driving. Contact lenses are an excellent vision correction option for many patients. However, at some point, you may become frustrated by the maintenance required by contact lenses or the lenses may cause some eye discomfort or irritation. This leads many patients to consider undergoing LASIK surgery. LASIK can correct the refractive errors that cause blurry vision for millions of patients. However, like contact lenses, LASIK surgery has its own drawbacks to consider. To learn more about LASIK vs. contact lenses, read on, and then contact Dr. Paul H. Chen at our San Diego, CA practice, North County Laser Eye Associates, to schedule a consultation with us.

Contact Lenses

We offer many types of contact lenses at our practice, including soft lenses, rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, toric lenses, daily disposables, colored lenses, and SynergEyes. Dr. Chen can help you choose a contact lens type and brand that feels comfortable and fits with your lifestyle. During your contact lens fitting appointment, he can also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of contact lenses.


Contact lenses offer many benefits to patients, including:


The following drawbacks of contact lenses may lead patients to consider LASIK as an alternative treatment option.


Dr. Chen can perform LASIK surgery to permanently reshape your cornea and produce clear vision. During your LASIK screening, Dr. Chen will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of LASIK surgery.


The benefits of LASIK include:


The drawbacks of LASIK are:

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