The Revolutionary IOLMaster: A Breakthrough in IOL Placement

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06 05, 2014

57740512-xsIntraocular lenses, or IOLs, are among the most impressive technological advancements in the history of vision care, giving people who suffer from cataracts the opportunity not only to restore their vision, but to see more clearly – in some cases, without any need for glasses or contact lenses – than they have in years. However, a technology can only be as effective as the doctors using it. At North County Laser Eye Associates, our world-class laser eye surgery center in Carlsbad, the IOLMaster helps our highly skilled and experienced eye surgeons to place IOLs with unrivaled accuracy.

If you or someone you love is currently struggling to see through the clouds of cataracts, we can help. We use the most advanced technology to remove the affected lens and offer a range of deluxe IOLs, including Crystalens, ReSTOR, and ReZOOM, to suit virtually every visual need. The IOLMaster helps to ensure superior results that you or your loved one can count on.

What Is the IOLMaster?

The IOLMaster is an ophthalmic instrument manufactured by Carl Zeiss to provide exceptionally precise measurements of the various components of the eye for the purpose of arriving at accurate IOL calculations. The visual independence of patients after cataract surgery depends on our eye surgeons determining the exact power and size of IOL to place after the removal of the natural lens. The IOLMaster provides fast, precise measurements of the length and curvature of the eye without actually coming into contact with the eye, making it the safest, most effective means of producing IOL calculations available.

Among its many benefits, the IOLMaster:

  • Is, on average, approximately four times faster at measuring the eye than rival devices
  • Has a measurement success ratio up to 20 percent higher than rival devices
  • Is simple and easy to use, offering complete transparency and control
  • Produces the most comprehensive set of IOL calculations
  • Allows for the most accurate placement of IOLs possible

What does this mean to you as a cataract patient? While there is no way to guarantee perfect results when it comes to the placement of IOLs, the IOLMaster enables us to consistently produce the best possible results, even in highly challenging cases. It is an invaluable instrument that has allowed many of our patients to see more clearly and vividly than they had when they were decades younger.

We can use the IOLMaster in conjunction with any of the premium IOLs available at our practice. These accomodating and multifocal lenses offer patients the opportunity to see clearly at all distances, in many cases without the need for glasses or contact lenses. During a pre-surgical consultation, we will discuss your IOL options with you and help you to determine the best choice in your case.

Safer, faster, more effective – that’s the IOLMaster in a nutshell. The eye surgeons of North County Laser Eye Associates are proud to feature this revolutionary technology at our eye care practice.

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