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Strabismus: Diagnosis and Treatment

Strabismus is an eye condition in which the eyes appear to be misaligned in relation to each other. Colloquially known as crossed eyes or lazy eye, this condition can lead to vision problems as well someone being self-conscious about his or her appearance. While this problem is often thought of as being unfixable, treatment may be a very real possibility for the right patient.

Eye diseases and disorders can be disconcerting for a variety of reasons, but they need not be permanent. By discerning the cause of strabismus, our San Diego eye care professionals can help you find an appropriate treatment plan. Take the following information into consideration if you suffer from any degree of crossed eyes, and consider scheduling a consultation at our office for a more personal assessment and exam.

What Causes Strabismus?

Strabismus may occur as an isolated problem or it may develop in conjunction with a larger underlying condition. Through a comprehensive exam, your eye doctor can more clearly determine the cause of your eyes misalignment. Common causes of strabismus include:

Is Strabismus Treatable?

Most types of strabismus are treatable on at least some level. However, depending on the type, cause, and severity of strabismus, some treatment options are more effective or preferable than others. When strabismus is caused by an inherent muscular problem, the most direct form of treatment is eye muscle surgery. When farsightedness is to blame, correction of the refractive error can be highly effective in resolving strabismus. Vision therapy – a sort of non-invasive physical therapy for the eyes – can also be helpful in most instances, helping patients to refocus and retrain their eyes. By consulting your doctor, you can determine which treatment options, alone or together, will be most effective for you.

Laser Vision Correction and Strabismus

If you suffer from farsightedness and have developed strabismus due to a lack of vision correction, you may be able to easily solve both of these problems at once. With refractive surgery such as LASIK, you can vastly improve your vision, virtually eliminating your farsightedness. Imagine being able to see clearly and easily without the need for corrective lenses, and once your eyes adjust to their new vision, the prevalence of strabismus can be reduced significantly or completely. LASIK thus offers patients a chance to vastly improve both their vision and appearance through a surprisingly safe and reliable procedure. For more information on what LASIK can achieve and who is a good candidate, schedule an appointment at our laser eye care center.

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Laser eye surgery is safer, more effective, and able to treat more problems than ever; it’s no wonder LASIK and similar treatments have become so popular. To see if you may be a candidate for one of our cutting-edge laser eye care procedures, contact us to schedule a consultation with Drs. Paul or Oliver Chen.