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VISX Iris Registration Technology and Its Effects on LASIK Surgery

At North County Laser Eye Associates, we invest in the most advanced and effective technologies to ensure that we are able to produce LASIK results of the very highest standard. At our laser eye surgery center in Carlsbad, VISX Iris Registration is one of the most important pieces in the chain of technology that allows us to provide the safest, most comfortable, and most ultimately satisfying LASIK experience possible to our valued patients.

How Does VISX Iris Registration Work?

The iris of your eye is the circular structure that surrounds the pupil, controlling its diameter and size when exposed to varying amounts of light. It is the part of the eye that people are referring to when they mention eye color. Like fingerprints, there are no two irises that are exactly the same.

VISX Iris Registration is used to ensure that the measurements taken during the diagnostic phase of LASIK surgery are matched to the correct eyes during the surgery itself. When the wavefront map of the eye is created prior to surgery, a highly detailed image of the iris is also created. This image of the iris is then compared to the iris of the patient as he or she prepares to go under the laser for LASIK surgery. If the image of the iris does not match the actual iris of the patient, the VISX Star S4 IR excimer laser will not operate. This ensures that the right correction will be applied to the right eye.

Iris Registration technology also helps our surgeons to provide the most precise and accurate laser alignment possible. Let’s say that your head or eyes are aligned just a hair differently while you are awaiting laser treatment from when you were having your visual errors diagnosed. Using the image of your iris, the Iris Registration software realigns the laser so that it compensates for this difference. As a result, the laser will make the precise adjustments that were calculated during the diagnostic phase to precisely the correct corneal tissues.

All of this ultimately adds up to a better visual outcome for you, the patient. VISX Iris Registration technology is completely automated, removing even the remotest possibility of human error. Combined with wavefront scanning technology and the state-of-the-art VISX Star S4 IR excimer laser, VISX Iris Registration is essential to providing a truly customized LASIK procedure.

Most patients are good candidates for LASIK using VISX Iris Registration technology. Most patients who qualify for wavefront scanning also qualify for VISX Iris Registration. During your initial consultation at our office, we will perform a thorough exam of your eyes to determine your candidacy for custom LASIK. If you are not a suitable candidate for LASIK with VISX Iris Registration, we will explain your alternatives to you and recommend the course of treatment best suited to your unique case.

Learn More about VISX Iris Registration

To learn more about VISX Iris Registration, a technology unique to custom LASIK using the VISX Star S4 IR excimer laser system, please contact the eye care professionals of North County Laser Eye Associates today.