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What Is iLASIK?

At our San Diego laser eye surgery center, North County Laser Eye Associates, we have met with many patients who had been interested in undergoing LASIK surgery for years, but had been hesitant due to concerns over the use of the microkeratome blade to create the corneal flap. While the microkeratome is a safe, extraordinarily precise blade, it remains just that: a blade. For many people, the very idea of a blade being applied to their eyes is enough to discourage them from considering LASIK.

Fortunately, with the advent of iLASIK, the microkeratome blade is no longer necessary to the creation of a corneal flap. Patients who undergo iLASIK benefit from a blade-free procedure in which all stages of the surgery are performed with lasers. The IntraLase femtosecond, which is used to create the hinged flap in the outermost layer of the cornea in iLASIK, offers a host of advantages over its traditional counterpart, the microkeratome.

Creating the Corneal Flap

The goal of LASIK surgery is to restore clear vision through the correction of flaws in the shape of the cornea. In order to access the underlying corneal tissue that needs to be reshaped, it is necessary for the surgeon to create a hinged flap in the uppermost layer, or epithelium, of the cornea. This flap is lifted back to provide access to the excimer laser used to reshape the cornea, and it is then replaced where it heals without the need for sutures.

Many of the complications most commonly associated with LASIK can be traced back to imperfections in the corneal flap. When the flap is too thick or too thin, or has jagged edges or wrinkles, it may not heal properly into place.

Patients who undergo iLASIK at our San Diego LASIK practice have access to the most advanced technology available. This technology is used first to create a highly detailed map of the eye, including minute errors that traditional vision tests cannot detect.

Custom iLASIK

The creation of excellent, dependable corneal flaps is just one of many advantages iLASIK offers over traditional LASIK. Patients who undergo iLASIK benefit from a truly customized solution to their vision problems from beginning to end. The same remarkably precise data used to guide the IntraLase laser is also used to control the excimer laser in the reshaping of the cornea. Unlike traditional LASIK, custom iLASIK is able to address both lower order aberrations (nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism) and higher order aberrations (those flaws in the shape of the cornea that are extremely small and highly unique to the individual). Custom iLASIK patients are more likely to achieve outstanding visual acuity at all distances, without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

Learn More about iLASIK

If you have always wanted to bid a not-so-fond farewell to your glasses or contacts, but you have been hesitant to undergo LASIK due to its use of a handheld blade, iLASIK may be the ideal solution for you. Please contact our San Diego LASIK surgery practice today to learn more about iLASIK or to schedule your initial consultation.