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07 10, 2015

Eye Exams Can Reveal the Need for YAG Capsulotomy

Although cataracts were once a leading cause of blindness, in developed countries today, the condition can be corrected in a matter of minutes. Your surgeon will simply remove the old, clouded lens and replace it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). Cataract surgery poses few risks, and it can have enormous benefits for your quality of life. However, in some cases, you may suffer from posterior capsule opacity (PCO) after cataract surgery. Fortunately, through routine eye exams, we can detect...Read More

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03 10, 2015

Understanding Pink Eye: Viral and Bacterial Conjunctivitis

At North County Laser Eye Associates, we provide a full range of eye care services, from comprehensive eye exams that allow us to detect conditions that affect vision in their earliest stages to state-of-the-art custom LASIK. Included in this vast array of services is treatment of common eye infections, disorders, and diseases, including viral and bacterial conjunctivitis. At our San Diego practice, we help our patients recover from this irritating condition, colloquially known as pink eye, as quickly as...Read More

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02 07, 2015

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Retinal Holes and Tears

At North County Laser Eye Associates, we urge our patients to undergo comprehensive eye exams at least every other year if their eyes are healthy, and at least once a year if they are at heightened risk of developing certain eye conditions such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy. First and foremost, routine eye exams are essential to maintaining good ocular health and staying ahead of potential problems. They also allow our eye care experts to identify and treat possible problems in their earliest stages,...Read More

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03 06, 2015

In Eye Exams, Technology Matters: OCT Scans

At North County Laser Eye Associates, we are committed to using the most advanced technology in every procedure we perform, including the diagnostic procedures that comprise our comprehensive eye exams. By using technology such as optical coherence tomography, or OCT as it is more popularly known, we are able to detect and identify potential problems with the eyes in their earliest stages, when they are usually easiest to treat. As a result, our eye care professionals can act quickly to preserve our...Read More

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05 05, 2015

Surfer’s Eye: Pterygium Causes and Treatment

From comprehensive eye exams to treatments for a variety of eye diseases, North County Laser Eye Associates is your one-stop shop for all of your eye care needs. We are particularly proud to offer treatments for eye conditions that are common to our Southern California patients, who spend a lot of time outdoors, especially at our beautiful, sunny beaches. Among the eye conditions that we most frequently treat are pterygium, popularly known as surfer’s eye.

Although pterygium is particularly...Read More

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03 04, 2015

Vitreous Floaters: Mere Annoyance or Serious Problem?

Have you ever noticed small, string-like shadows that appear to drift in front of your eye, but don’t seem to truly exist? In a sense, that’s exactly what they are: shadows, as reflected from within the eye. Technically called vitreous floaters, or simply ‘floaters’, these tiny images are extremely common – provided, of course, that you only notice them occasionally and faintly. In some instances, though, these floaters may be indicative of a greater problem, and in such...Read More

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05 03, 2015

Strabismus: Diagnosis and Treatment

Strabismus is an eye condition in which the eyes appear to be misaligned in relation to each other. Colloquially known as crossed eyes or lazy eye, this condition can lead to vision problems as well someone being self-conscious about his or her appearance. While this problem is often thought of as being unfixable, treatment may be a very real possibility for the right patient.

Eye diseases and disorders can be disconcerting for a variety of reasons, but they need not be permanent. By discerning the...Read More

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16 12, 2014

Successfully Treat Eye Disease with VEGF Inhibitors

Regular eye examinations are an important part of proper eye care. Many eye conditions that develop have little or no noticeable side effects in the earliest stages of disease, but can be detected at a routine eye exam. When patients seek treatment only after symptoms are present, the condition may have advanced to the point that surgical treatment is the best or only option. With early diagnosis of eye diseases that affect the health of the eye as well as interfere with clear vision, non-surgical...Read More

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02 11, 2014

The High Success Rate of LASIK Surgery

When LASIK surgery was first introduced, many patients felt wary about claims of improved vision without the use of corrective lenses. It was one of those things that seemed too good to be true. However, time has proven that LASIK surgery can successfully correct vision impairment, reducing a patient’s dependency on corrective eye wear, and, in some cases, freeing them from that need all together. As LASIK has proven a success, it has grown in popularity. In fact, LASIK is now performed on nearly a...Read More

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01 10, 2014

Custom LASIK Can Improve Night Vision for Patients

In recent years, LASIK has become one of the most popular and common options for patients who suffer from various forms of vision impairment. Primarily, patients know that LASIK can reduce or eliminate the need for prescriptive lenses for those who suffer from the refractive errors that result in nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. While this is the primary goal of LASIK, the advanced technology of custom LASIK offers patients an even greater degree of vision improvement. Using wavefront...Read More

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