LASIK vs. Contact Lenses – Factors to Consider

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11 10, 2016

LASIK vs. Contact Lenses – Factors to Consider

If you have blurry vision, you may wear contact lenses to give you the clear vision you need to safely and comfortably complete daily tasks, such as reading and driving. Contact lenses are an excellent vision correction option for many patients. However, at some point, you may become frustrated by the maintenance required by contact lenses or the lenses may cause some eye discomfort or irritation. This leads many patients to consider undergoing LASIK surgery. LASIK can correct the refractive...Read More

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12 09, 2016

Pre-operative LASIK Instructions

LASIK is known as one of the most effective and safest surgical procedures in all of medicine. While this makes most patients comfortable and confident enough to undergo the procedure, we want patients to understand the importance of the pre- and post-operative instructions. By following all of your surgeon’s eye care guidelines, you can enjoy the best possible results from your surgery and reduce the risk of complications. In this blog post, Dr. Paul H. Chen and the team at North County Laser Eye...Read More

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17 08, 2016

Sensitivity to Light after LASIK

LASIK surgery has made it possible for patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism to experience clear vision without the aid of glasses or contact lenses. However, it is important for patients to understand that LASIK is a surgical procedure, and like all surgeries, it is associated with side effects. One side effect that may occur after LASIK surgery is sensitivity to light. In this blog post, Dr. Paul H. Chen and the team at North County Laser Eye Associates discuss how long...Read More

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20 07, 2016

Treatments for Farsightedness

If you have difficulty seeing near objects clearly, you probably suffer from farsightedness, a refractive error also known as hyperopia. Farsighted patients are unable to focus clearly on nearby objects because their corneas are too flat, causing light to focus behind the retina, rather than directly on it. As a result, farsighted patients have trouble seeing print, images, and video when they are being viewed up close, such as on a phone or tablet. At North County Laser Eye Associates, Dr. Paul H. Chen...Read More

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14 06, 2016

Are You at Risk for Cataracts?

At North County Laser Eye Associates, we may be known for offering the highest-quality laser vision correction in the region, but we are equally skilled at treating a variety of eye conditions, including cataracts. Eventually, assuming they live long enough, all humans will develop cataracts, the clouding over of the natural lenses of the eyes that occurs due to the clumping together of proteins. While cataracts remain a common cause of preventable blindness worldwide, they are rarely a cause of vision...Read More

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10 05, 2016

The Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery Compared to Traditional Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are one of the most common causes of vision loss as a patient ages. This condition, which describes a clouding of a patient’s natural lens, affects the majority of patients aged 60 years or older. Cataracts result in a general blurriness of vision that can initially be addressed through a stronger vision prescription, but, eventually, surgical treatment will be required to restore clear eyesight. Traditional cataract surgery has been performed for many years and has a reputation for...Read More

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08 04, 2016

Cataract Symptoms and Risk Factors

There are few things that are certain in life, but one thing that is certain is that if a person lives long enough, he or she will eventually develop cataracts. Not all cataracts are related to age, of course; some people develop cataracts as a result of injury or disease, while others are genetically predisposed to cataracts. However, no one is immune to cataracts. Over time, proteins will clump together on the natural lenses of the eyes, causing the lenses to become cloudy. Without treatment, what begins...Read More

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10 03, 2016

Improve Your Vision with Treatments for Presbyopia

People who suffer from vision impairment know that, without treatment, the everyday quality of life can be greatly hindered by blurry and unfocused vision. For those who suffer from presbyopia, a condition in which the eyes can only properly focus on objects that are at a distance, daily tasks such as reading and working at a computer are difficult without the use of prescription lenses or other vision treatment, such as LASIK, which addresses vision impairment by reshaping the cornea. At North County Laser...Read More

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18 02, 2016

Are You at Risk for Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is one of the most destructive of all eye diseases, accounting for more than 120,000 cases of blindness in the United States alone according to the National Institutes of Health. Worldwide, it is second only to cataracts as a cause of blindness. While the disease can effectively be managed, it cannot currently be cured.

Unfortunately, glaucoma is also one of the most insidious of all diseases – not just eye diseases, but all diseases. In many cases, glaucoma produces no obvious...Read More

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04 01, 2016

Can a Patient Be Too Young or Too Old to Have LASIK?

At North County Laser Eye Associates, one of the questions we are most commonly asked by prospective patients is – What is the ideal age for a patient to undergo LASIK? – Popular variations of that question include — Am I too young to have LASIK? and — Am I too old to have LASIK?

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has, with good reason, not approved LASIK to be performed on patients under the age of 18, the truth is that age by itself does not generally preclude...Read More

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